Marketing Specialist & Visual Communicator

Career Profile
Welcome!  My name is Eddie and I am a creative, energetic, detailed-oriented, and positively-driven team player seeking to continue a career with a forward-thinking company. To join a team where I can contribute to their growth and success by utilizing my client-focused communication skills and proven project delivery capabilities is what I hope to achieve.  

As my portfolio will suggest - my various talents include, creative thinking, multi-managing projects, ability to meet demanding deadlines, copywriting, graphic design and photography.

My endeavors includes project management, communication between clients, consultants, and teammates, designing and packaging marketing materials, managing multiple online media platforms, copywriting, marketing coordinating, constructing business plans, designing marketing materials, and tracking website analytics and fulfilling online orders. 

If you are looking for a creative, energetic, positively-driven team player we may have a match.

Professional Experience
Quincy Engineering, Inc.
Marketing Coordinator

  • Perform in a fast-pace environment, multi-task multiple projects under tight deadlines, and deliver winning projects to clients.
  • Project manage with principals and lead meetings to ensure team tasks are met and “Request for Proposals” are thoroughly completed.
  • Attend weekly budget meetings to oversee new and existing business growth.
  • Manage and update project data through Excel Spreadsheets, Ajera, and Deltek’s CRM server databases.
  • Create marketing materials, website content, and power point presentations for client-based interviews.
  • Communicate and maintain exceptional relationships with clients, teammates, and sub-consultants via email.  
Eddie Roth Visual
​​Owner, Visual Content Creator, Social Media Manager
2009 - Present
  • Market brand, create quality content, promote engagement through social media platforms
  • Manage website and fulfill online orders
  • Utilize Google Analytics to track website exposure
  • Apply ten years of proficiency with Adobe’s Creative Suite, design principles, and color theory to content
  • Acquire clients for wedding, graduation, and portrait photography services
Recreational Equipment Inc.
Customer Service

  • Performed amicable customer service through B2C sales and vendor orders
  • Promoted and sold the company’s mission and membership benefits
  • Built and maintain great relationships with customers
  • Designed marketing brochures for REI’s classes and public outreach events
The State Hornet
Sports Design Editor
Worked on and off the clock with a small team of staff, editors and advisors
* Demonstrated success by independently meeting tight deadlines
* Developed page layout designs, graphics, headlines, photo captions, and copy editing
* Assisted public relation campaigns and engaged entire student body through social media
* Proven ability to adjust and pivot towards last minute requests and changes
Sacramento State Snow Club
Marketing Officer
Set the 47-year-old club record by recruiting 200+ members for the Fall 2010 semester
* Led guerilla marketing, designed advertising and branding, promoted, and reached out to sponsors and local vendors for the annual Ski Swap event which accounted for over $200,000 in revenues and almost $30,000 in profit after vendor payouts, taxes, and expenses.
Promoted club trips and organized weekly meetings
* Managed and updated social media accounts and website.

Adobe Photoshop

Deltek's CRM

Adobe llustrator

Google Analytics

Adobe InDesign


Adobe After Effects


HTML​; Python




Public Speaking


Sacramento State University
B.A. Journalism
Minor; Business Administration
While I attended Sacramento State University, I was under the instruction of one of the top design programs in the State for two years. While completing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Business Administration, I succeeded my extracurricular activities serving as the Marketing Officer for the Sacramento State Snow Club, the Sports Design Editor for the university's news media source, became a member of the American Marketing Association,  and completed 18 unit semesters while working 2 part time jobs, and starting up an entrepreneural project.


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